The GReKo Family: Tony

Tony Darsinos

Greek Name: Antonis Darsinos

Family Tree: Angelo’s son. Kathy’s brother. Bill & Sam’s cousin.

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Lived in Greece: 3 years, as a child

Speaks Greek: Once a year. Or when we want to say something in private.

Restaurant: Gondola House Pizza in Hermitage

Greeks Against Feta Cheese: Founder


What makes GReKo Street Food different from other Greek restaurants?

The menu will be the main difference - it’s much simpler than what most other Greek restaurants serve here in the US. Our menu will be simple, sticking to meats, pita wraps, salads and a few side items for the most part--plus wine and beer, of course. We’re using high-quality ingredients to make simple, fresh foods so we want to emphasize that instead of overcrowding the menu with what people think they should find. Plus, we think they’ll really like what they find here!

Why East Nashville?

For a first location, it’s a perfect spot because there’s a lot of action and a lot of young people living there who we think will be more open to new and different food. It’s also a little more current, a little more edgy than other parts of town. And you know, we want to stay away from the cliche Greek look, and have a more urban and casual vibe, which we feel like is already present in East Nashville. Again, we’re serving Greek street food, you know? So we’re not trying to be really fancy. Just good, fresh food.

The GReKo Family: Kathy

Greek Name: Katerina Darsinos Katsaitis

Family Tree: Angelo’s daughter. Tony’s sister. Bill & Sam’s cousin.

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Lived in Greece: 3 years, as a child

Speaks Greek: When we visit Greece.

Restaurant: Gondola House Pizza in Hermitage

Greeks Against Feta Cheese: not affiliated


My favorite part about Greece are the beaches. To me, what encapsulates Greece are the beaches. I love going to the tavernas, which are just right out there on the water. That is what Greece is for me. I love Athens, and I love that city life--and that’s where we grew up when we were young--but if I go to Greece during the summer, I want to be out on the beaches.


You know, I don’t care about going to the fancy restaurants. My favorite thing is, I like getting back to the souvlaki, so I’m always looking for those places while we’re there. I like finding those spots where you can go and sit down and have a souvlaki on a stick, order some pita, maybe get a salad and just hang out. It’s like what we’re going to be doing at GReKo. But you know, I don’t care to go to a fancy restaurant and do a whole big thing. To me, it’s the simple stuff like souvlaki that I most look forward to.

The GReKo Family: Bill

Bill Darsinos

Greek Name: Vasili Darsinos

Family Tree: Angelo’s nephew. Spiro’s son. Sam’s older (but shorter) brother. Tony & Kathy’s cousin.

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Lived in Greece: 4.5 years, as a child

Speaks Greek: I speak Greek exclusively to my children

Restaurant: Southside Grill in Nolensville

Greeks Against Feta Cheese: non-member



I just like to travel the mainland. I like the islands a lot, but I really like the mainland, you know like going up to Northern Greece. But it’s cool because every little town in Greece has its own little girathikos (gyro shops or stands) and souvlatzithikos (souvlaki shops or stands) and street food places, and that’s a lot of fun to just walk around and eat. That’s pretty much what I like to do: walk around and eat.  


Asking me to pick a favorite item on the menu is kind of like asking a parent to pick their favorite child: you can’t do it because you’ll never win. Fortunately, my parents always picked me. That being said, I always pick pork souvlaki. It's delicious. 

The GReKo Family: Sam

Sam Darsinos

Greek Name: Stamatios Darsinos

Family Tree: Angelo’s nephew. Bill’s younger brother. Tony & Kathy’s cousin.

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Lived in Greece: 4.5 years, as a child

Speaks Greek: Literally, never.

Restaurant: Darfons in Donelson

Greeks Against Feta Cheese: Active Member.



We’ve been talking about this type of food for a decade, probably. We’re all in the restaurant business, we grew up in the restaurant business, we know the business, and then of course we’re Greek. It’s hard to believe that Nashville doesn’t yet have a good Greek restaurant that’s run by Greeks! So we feel like we need to do this; it’s a niche that needs to be filled.


In Greek tavernas -- which is a typical restaurant style there -- you all sit outside together and order a bunch of food to share. It’s not like everyone orders something for his or herself; it’s more like we’ll get a couple pounds of lamb and maybe a pound of fish, some tzatziki, some pita and a salad or two. And then we all just pass it around. We want GReKo to be the same: order a bunch of stuff with your group, go and sit down at the table and then pass and share everything. It’s all really casual but fun.