The GReKo Family: Kathy

Greek Name: Katerina Darsinos Katsaitis

Family Tree: Angelo’s daughter. Tony’s sister. Bill & Sam’s cousin.

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Lived in Greece: 3 years, as a child

Speaks Greek: When we visit Greece.

Restaurant: Gondola House Pizza in Hermitage

Greeks Against Feta Cheese: not affiliated


My favorite part about Greece are the beaches. To me, what encapsulates Greece are the beaches. I love going to the tavernas, which are just right out there on the water. That is what Greece is for me. I love Athens, and I love that city life--and that’s where we grew up when we were young--but if I go to Greece during the summer, I want to be out on the beaches.


You know, I don’t care about going to the fancy restaurants. My favorite thing is, I like getting back to the souvlaki, so I’m always looking for those places while we’re there. I like finding those spots where you can go and sit down and have a souvlaki on a stick, order some pita, maybe get a salad and just hang out. It’s like what we’re going to be doing at GReKo. But you know, I don’t care to go to a fancy restaurant and do a whole big thing. To me, it’s the simple stuff like souvlaki that I most look forward to.