The GReKo Family: Kathy

Greek Name: Katerina Darsinos Katsaitis

Family Tree: Angelo’s daughter. Tony’s sister. Bill & Sam’s cousin.

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Lived in Greece: 3 years, as a child

Speaks Greek: When we visit Greece.

Restaurant: Gondola House Pizza in Hermitage

Greeks Against Feta Cheese: not affiliated


My favorite part about Greece are the beaches. To me, what encapsulates Greece are the beaches. I love going to the tavernas, which are just right out there on the water. That is what Greece is for me. I love Athens, and I love that city life--and that’s where we grew up when we were young--but if I go to Greece during the summer, I want to be out on the beaches.


You know, I don’t care about going to the fancy restaurants. My favorite thing is, I like getting back to the souvlaki, so I’m always looking for those places while we’re there. I like finding those spots where you can go and sit down and have a souvlaki on a stick, order some pita, maybe get a salad and just hang out. It’s like what we’re going to be doing at GReKo. But you know, I don’t care to go to a fancy restaurant and do a whole big thing. To me, it’s the simple stuff like souvlaki that I most look forward to.

Maddie Adams

Our resident Creative Strategist, graphic designer, and occasional photographer, Maddie is a Nashville native who is still mourning the loss of the Green Hills Krystal. When she’s not working, she can usually be found working...elsewhere: teaching yoga, helping at her husband’s butcher shop, or making improvements to their home. Contrary to popular belief, she still finds plenty of time to spend with her family, friends, and tequila.

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