Construction Updates 2.0

As we start to see some real progress on our location in East Nashville, we are super excited to share some details with you. 

You might have already spotted our "GReKo Greek Street Food" sign, which is officially posted at 704 Main Street. While soon our sign will be a beacon, welcoming you to GReKo, today it's a sign that we're working every day to turn this 2,000 square foot building into the vibrant, casual restaurant that you're sure to enjoy.

Our crew has been busting their butts to get work done so that GReKo can finally open its doors. Currently, we have framing in place for both our walls and the kitchen layout, so it feels like there's a roadmap as to how everything will soon look. There are even designated areas for our walk-in cooler, dry storage, and the courtyard out back -- which, you're sure to love. 

Our space is set to accommodate up to 90 guests with year round indoor and outdoor seating. At this point in time, we're hoping to have upwards of 24 seats inside the space, in addition to roughly half a dozen bar seats. However, the most authentically "Greek street" seating will be available out back.

Our courtyard will center around a large, beautiful tree while tables line the perimeter, covered by roofs and heaters to make seating comfortable during the winter months. In an effort to alleviate so much back-and-forth between the kitchen and the back, the courtyard will also feature a bar kiosk, similar to what you would find in the streets of Greece. Opa!

It is our hope that GReKo will be a fun, casual place for you and your friends and family to come and feel welcome. Warm, welcoming hospitality is second nature to the people of Greece, and it is one of the greatest values in our family. We hope you will feel welcome at GReKo, and that you will enjoy the flavors of our country.

We can't wait to show you plenty of both!

Framing and walls make a roadmap to our future kitchen

Mapping out what will soon be a cool, casual courtyard

Be sure to check us out if you are in the neighborhood!