We created GReKo Greek Street Food as a way to honor our own Greek heritage and bring the rich culture and vibrant cuisine of Greece to Nashville. With roots in Greece that extend for generations and many years spent here in Nashville, we know there's something missing in Music City: the true experience of authentic Greek street fare.

Our Story

Like many European immigrants, Angelo Darsinos set his sights on America in search of a new, more prosperous future. And like many immigrants, he initially exhausted himself working in factories, socking away every penny he could in hopes of a better life.

In 1969 he struck gold. Angelo and his brother Spiros found a business opportunity in Tennessee and almost immediately took it. It was a far cry from the factories of Chicago, but it didn’t take long for their business to prosper: the Darsinos opened Gondola House Pizzeria in Clarksville over forty years ago in 1970. They grew Gondola House Pizzeria into multiple locations throughout Middle Tennessee. Gondola House Pizzeria has since moved across town to Hermitage and remains in the family today.

Since those early days in the 70’s, more and more Darsinos have moved to Tennessee, and now our family lays claim to more than just the one restaurant that Angelo and Spiros started decades ago. Having been in the Nashville restaurant scene for many years now, we are thrilled to introduce Nashville to this city’s first Greek restaurant owned and operated by Greeks!


Our inspiration

We draw on cooking techniques that our grandmother Yia-Yia used, and we remember the integrity of the food vendors in the streets of our village of Nemea. We strive to recreate that experience from the streets of Greece - food made with intention, food made with the freshest ingredients, and food enjoyed with family and friends by the fire that grilled it. 

Although our family has been in the restaurant business for more than 40 years, with GReKo we're combining our love of food and service with our passion for our culture.

Our food

Our meats are cooked over live wood fire, our pita is baked fresh daily, and our wine and olive oil come from the villages of our homeland. We let the quality of ingredients shine through the authentic Greek street food. These simple ingredients and honest cooking techniques are what make the food of our memories unique, and they are what make GReKo special today.

GReKo is Real, GReKo is Fresh, and GReKo is Delicious.

We're committed to bringing authentic flavor and spirit from the streets of Greece all the way to the Athens of the South: Nashville, Tennessee.